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Who are we?


Anniina Korte

Textile Designer
I´ve been drawing and painting since a little girl, it´s my passion. I remember I was choosing back then mostly animal characters and, they are still one of my favorite topic what comes to art and design.

fter thousands of nature documents, hundreds of hours spending time in nature and years of photographing various wonders of nature, I understand better now that every single living thing or creature is needed here to keep the balance.
That´s my philosophy why I end up picking species that are somehow seen scary or disgusting. I´ll try to visually turn them into something fascinating.

My mission is to make people see them as I do
– they are weird, beautiful, and fantastic! That´s my most important task as a designer.

Nada Bellam

Fashion Designer
"My passion for design has been rolling through my veins since I was 8 years old. Making things with my hands and concentrating for very long hours saves me from boredom I would say.

It is, as if I escape this world to join one where everything is possible.

The challenge complicated work, "the problem solving" as they call it nowadays that can go-on for days and sometimes for months enriches my soul. It is like a royal quest that I would not rest until I find a solution to it.

It brings me so much joy and happiness that I can never see myself doing something other than this. I have made it my life mission and intend to continue sharing my creations with the world until I'm old and can no longer lift a finger."

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